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There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as a hot room during the summer months, and there’s only so much relief a ceiling fan can provide. This is even more so apparent in Queensland, where the hot summer months can get as high as the mid-40s. If you’re lucky enough to call the sunshine state home, you’ll no doubt know the merits of a well air-conditioned building – especially when you’re sleeping or working on a project. At SLE Electrical, our air conditioning specialists provide installation services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings of every size, scope, and layout. Whether you’re looking to keep a multiplex cool or just require a small unit for your home, our air conditioning specialists will get your building to an optimal temperature in no time.

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Split System Air Con Installation

Split system air con systems are ideal for both homes and commercial buildings and house one unit inside and one on the outside. Relatively quick to install as there is no ductwork needed, a split system will only require a small opening in the wall at roughly 3 diameters in circumference. Split system air con systems also offer greater energy efficiency, as no energy is lost through ductwork. These types of air con systems operate at a low decibel rate, making it one of the quieter systems on the market. This makes them a good solution for home offices, libraries, classrooms, work boardrooms and other areas that need to keep environmental noises low.


Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

A ducted air conditioning installation is a must-have for large buildings, especially if multiple levels require cooling. If many rooms require air conditioning and there’s no space to house multiple split system appliances, ducted air conditioning is a far more effective solution. undoubtedly, one of the biggest benefits of ducted air conditioning systems is the ability to cool down or warm up a room from a centrally controlled thermostat. This means you won’t have to manually turn the air conditioner on and off for each room and can have each room cooled within minutes. Ducted air con systems also have the added benefit of being out of sight, so it doesn’t compete with the aesthetics of a room.


Window Air Con Installation

Window air con systems are one of the quickest and most affordable systems to install and is commonly seen used in older homes. This is because a window air con system is easier to install than a split system and can be easily placed in a box that sits outside your window. though many people attempt to DIY a window air conditioning installation, it’s safer and more effective for a professional installer to do it instead. Not only is a window air con quite heavy, but proper measurements and installation techniques need to be made to ensure it fits a window exactly – especially if it’s a second storey window. A professional window air con electrician will ensure all window brackets, mounting rails and side panels are installed correctly and make sure the job is done swiftly and safely.


Commercial Air Con Installation

Brisbane weather can be very hot and unrelenting, so installing a commercial air con system is crucial for a commercial property. At SLE Electrical, our air conditioning specialists work with a wide range of businesses in various industries to deliver commercial air con systems that can accommodate rooms of any size and capacity. We specialise in the design and installation process of air conditioner systems throughout commercial buildings to deliver a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout. This is conducive to happy employees, who are more likely to be productive and efficient in a comfortable working environment.


Air Con Service and Maintenance

A regularly maintained air conditioner is a working air conditioner, which is why it’s worth having your air conditioner checked before it breaks down. This is especially important in commercial buildings, as waiting for an air conditioner to break down before repairing may be a sign that the building’s entire system needs maintenance. At SLE Electrical, a typical air conditioning service will involve cleaning the filters, evaporator and coils and checking airflow, gas levels and electrical connections, to name a few. To ensure your air conditioning units stay up to scratch, it’s recommended you get a full service check-up by an aircon specialist at least once a year.

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Looking for air conditioning installation Brisbane and Redcliffe wide? At SLE Electrical, we offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning installation and repair services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Whether it’s time to upgrade to a new unit or you’ve just secured a building and new a ducted air conditioning system, our aircon specialist team can ensure a superior service. To get in touch with an aircon electrician, call us today on 0429 555 772, emailing or via our online form here.

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