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6 Common Electrical Problems a Homeowner Will Experience

Electrical problems can range from mildly annoying to deadly, which is why it’s important to discern whether electrical faults are a sign of a more concerning problem. In today’s article, we look at the 6 common electrical problems a homeowner will experience and the causes behind each one.

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6 common electrical problems

Electrical surge

Electrical surges can happen for several reasons, with the most common being damaged caused to the powerline by lighting strikes or malfunctioning appliances. Characterised by a disruption to the power source, whether it’s a temporary disturbance or full blackout, electrical surges mean that something has boosted the electricity and demanded too much power. If you find electrical surges happening frequently, it could be a sign that you’ve overwhelmed a power supply. You can try removing appliances you think may be the culprit or contact an electrical maintenance expert to conduct an inspection.

Light switches not working

If your lights have been flickering and a light bulb isn’t the culprit, it could be a sign that there could be a fault in the circuit, power or wiring. A light bulb that isn’t working at all likely means that the filament in the bulb has been burnt and needs to be replaced or that there’s no power to the circuit. Changing the lightbulb will give you an immediate answer if the power circuit is to blame, which is when it’s time to call a maintenance electrician.

Electrical shocks

When it comes to electrical issues, electrical shocks are never fun and usually occur when you attempt to turn a switch on or off. This is usually caused by faulty appliances, deteriorated wiring, or outdated outlets. Shocks can range from mildly unpleasant to deadly, so it’s worth calling an electrician if you find it happening frequently. Maintenance electricians can quickly discern why electrical shocks are occurring and fix the source of the problem.

Power sags and dips

Though power sags and dips are the opposite of a power surge, it’s often caused by the same problem. A sag or dip refers to power falling 10% or more below normal levels and may be detected if you find, for example, your phone taking longer than usual to charge. Like surges, sags and dips can be caused by lightning strikes or overwhelming a power supply. An electrical maintenance expert will be able to figure out what may be causing the power sags and improve your home’s power quality.

Circuit breaker tripping

If your electricity suddenly switches off, chances are something has triggered the circuit breaker to switch off. As a circuit breaker is designed to cut all electricity when excess current is detected, this tends to be a sign that something is overloading the power supply. This tends not to be a problem if it happens once but if you find it happening a few times, it’s worth calling maintenance electricians to figure out the source.

High electric bill

There are quite a few reasons for high electric bills, with the most common being air cooling systems, water heaters and frequent use of electrical appliances. However, if you’re finding that your electric bills are starting to get higher than usual, this could be a sign there’s electrical issues with your wiring or your electric bill has been overestimated. For peace of mind, consider calling an electrical maintenance expert to conduct an inspection of your home to see if there any areas that can be improved.

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